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Valve Parts (Lost wax casting OEM)

Valve Parts (Lost wax casting OEM)

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Special Alloy (Lost wax casting OEM)

Special Alloy (Lost wax casting OEM)

Manufacture various types of special alloy parts according to customer demands.


C & S Surface Treatment Procedure Introduction

C & S Metal Products Co., Ltd. is Taiwan supplier and manufacturer in Investment Casting Industry. C & S has been offering our customers high quality precision casting, alloy investment casting, lost wax casting, investment casting, metal casting since 1980. With both advanced technology and 36 years experience, C & S always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

Surface Treatment Procedure


  1. According to customer’s demand, polish treatment could be generally divided into mirror polished and the matte polished by using different degrees of abrasive belt with high-speed to rub against casting to make surface smoothness.
Mirror Polished
Mirror Polished.

Vibration Grind

  1. Castings are placed into the rotary motion or vibration barrel so that the casting and abrasive compound could rotate and rapidly rub in order to remove its uneven surface and reach the surface finish of the trim effect.
Vibration Grind
Different degrees of vibration grinding results.

Black Oxide Coating

  1. Heating casting and adding some chemical is to produce black oxide (Fe3O4 ferric ferrous oxide) and attach to the surface of the casting changes the appearance of the color and enhance the anti-rust. It generally applied to carbon steel.
Vibration Grind
Black Oxide Coating.

Engrave Characters or Lettering

  1. Casting shall be recorded or specially marked of furnace number. Additionally, the characters or letting could be made by mold or use engraving machine to punch as well.
Engraving Machine
Engraving Machine.

Electro Deposited Coating

  1. Make use of power to allow coating adhere to the surface of casting and it is kind of similar paint surface treatment. The advantage is good antirust and even surface with adhesion.


  1. The electro-polished means casting is placed in the anode electrolyte (acid) so that it is energized in anti-electrolysis. (also known as the anti-plated)
    The primary objective is to minimize micro-roughness(Ra, Rmax), thus dramatically reducing the risk of dirt or product residues adhering and improving the clean of surfaces and enhance corrosion resistance. Electro-polished is also used for deburring, brightening and passivating.
The effect of electro-polished.


  1. The reaction of a metal by electrolysis is to form a layer of metal in accordance with the general appearance and rust resistance according to customer’s requirements. Zinc plating or chrome plating can be chosen.


  1. The casting is immersed in aqueous dispersant mainly proportioned by zinc, chromic acid and special after high temperature and then dried. The coated with a layer of dust on the surface of silver metal sheet of about 4 ~ 8μ good rust resistance level is generally used for vehicle parts available salt spray test reports.