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Valve Parts (Lost wax casting OEM)

Valve Parts (Lost wax casting OEM)

High Quality Valves

Special Alloy (Lost wax casting OEM)

Special Alloy (Lost wax casting OEM)

Manufacture various types of special alloy parts according to customer demands.


C & S Manufacturing Process Introduction

C & S Metal Products Co., Ltd. is Taiwan supplier and manufacturer in Investment Casting Industry. C & S has been offering our customers high quality precision casting, alloy investment casting, lost wax casting, investment casting, metal casting since 1980. With both advanced technology and 36 years experience, C & S always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

Manufacturing Process

Production Procedures

Steel Casting Process, Metal Casting Process, Precision Casting Process

Tooling Design & Tooling MakingTooling Design & Tooling Making
Moulds with services as Auto CAD, SolidWorks, Simulation Solid Cast Software.
Wax Injection & Pattem AssembleWax Injection & Pattem Assemble
Injection-moulding waxes into a metal die.
Assemble the wax pattern into a tree.
Ceramic Mold & DewaxCeramic Mold & Dewax
Dipping the wax object into a ceramic slurry with an overall thickness of the shell mold.The wax is removed from the shell by dewaxing furnace.
Casting & CutCasting & Cut
A desired alloy is melted and brought to the required pouring temperature.
Heat Treating & SandblastHeat Treating & Sandblast
After heat treating, the physical and mechanical properties can be changed, but without changing the product shape.
Straightening & InspectionStraightening & Inspection
Straightening and Appearance Inspection. We offer all kinds of casting services for lost wax process.