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Valve Parts (Lost wax casting OEM)

Valve Parts (Lost wax casting OEM)

High Quality Valves

Special Alloy (Lost wax casting OEM)

Special Alloy (Lost wax casting OEM)

Manufacture various types of special alloy parts according to customer demands.


C & S Inspection Equipment Introduction

C & S Metal Products Co., Ltd. is Taiwan supplier and manufacturer in Investment Casting Industry. C & S has been offering our customers high quality precision casting, alloy investment casting, lost wax casting, investment casting, metal casting since 1980. With both advanced technology and 36 years experience, C & S always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

Inspection Equipment

Casting Inspection

C & S metal products Co. Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer. We have built quality control procedures into the production process at every stage, to control the casting qualities.

We guarantee the chemical compositions and physical mechanical properties of the casting are qualified. These tests are according to the specifications of ASTM A216, A351 and DIN 17245,17445 etc., and we provide the testing certificate DIN EN 10204 3.1B.

You can get more information about process of investment casting, precision casting and lost wax casting.

Spectrograph analyzerSpectrograph analyzer
  1. Operation spec: ASTM A216, A351, DIN 17245,17445, etc.
  2. Each melt, melt composition sampler verify.
  3. The composition sampler kept for at least 1 year.
Solid Cast Software Solid Cast Software
  1. Improve success rate on the first casting poured.
  2. Eliminate production quickly.
  3. Reduce scrap.
  4. Lower costs.
  5. Reduce scrap.
  6. Improve quality.
Universal tensile tester Universal tensile tester
  1. Operation spec: DIN 50125, 50145 and ASTM.
Micro-structure microscopeMicro-structure microscope
  1. Operation spec: ASTM A262-91.
Radiography test Radiography test
  1. Operation spec: DIN 54111; ASTM E186/280/446.
Liquid penetrant inspection Liquid penetrant inspection
  1. Operation spec: ASTM E165-80, SEP 1936.
  1. 3D dimensional measuring systemequip with optical lens.
Hardness testerHardness tester
  1. Operation spec: DIN 50351 and ASTM.
EM-2.5D system EM-2.5D system