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Valve Parts (Lost wax casting OEM)

Valve Parts (Lost wax casting OEM)

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Special Alloy (Lost wax casting OEM)

Special Alloy (Lost wax casting OEM)

Manufacture various types of special alloy parts according to customer demands.


C & S Different Casting Process Introduction

C & S Metal Products Co., Ltd. is Taiwan supplier and manufacturer in Investment Casting Industry. C & S has been offering our customers high quality precision casting, alloy investment casting, lost wax casting, investment casting, metal casting since 1980. With both advanced technology and 36 years experience, C & S always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

Different Casting Process

The contrast of different casting process
To show different casting process of sand casting, gravity casting, investment casting, die casting, lost foam and resin shel mold in order to make our clients clear option as their own demand.

A differentiation between casting process
TypeMetling LiquidQualityAdvantageDisadvantage
Sand casting (green sand mold)Iron, copper and aluminum etc.LowSave costMore defects
Gravity CastingAluminum alloy etc.HighThe mold can be reused, good surface roughness and accurate dimension.Easy to have pore and shrinkage defects
Investment casting(Lost wax casting)Wide range of applicable metalsHigh1. Reduce costHigh cost
2. Whether it is simple or complex in shape, it can be produced easily casted holes.
3. Reduce processing and wear and tear.
4. Widely material selections and mass production.
5. Precision tolerance: Lost wax casting parts can get tightly dimension without any machining
6. The surface of the casting is fine and the internal structure is dense.
7. Flexiable design.
Die castingLight AlloyHighCastings with accurate dimension depend on the material.Easy to have pores
LOST FOAM (Polystyrene)Wide range of applicable metalsMediumHigh precision without sand core in the traditional casting.Easy to get deformed
Resin shell moldWide range of applicable metalsHighSmall surface roughness, high dimensional accuracy and good qualityHigh cost